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"Frozen" Embryo's

Our embryo's aren't really frozen, they are vitrified.  Click Here to learn about vitrification.

Instead of over saturating the Shire market putting babies on the ground now, Northeast Shire's is putting high-end Shire embryo's in our nitrogen tanks, ready to be put into recipient mares when there is someone ready to give that future foal a home.

We provide this service for a very low cost and guarantee the customer a live foal.

The cost is broken into three parts:

  1. Embryo Deposit: $500
    You place an order for your pregnant mare with your choice of embryo (listed below).  We will then purchase a suitable recipient mare and transfer an embryo to her.  We normally have to pay between $1000 and $2000 for recipient mares.  If you want to supply a draft recipient mare, that is fine (contact us for more details on this arrangement).  If for any reason we fail to provide you with a mare pregnant with you choice of embryo by the end of our breeding season, we will refund your deposit.
  2. Embryo Balance (depends on embryo)
    Recipient mare Deposit: ~$2000
    Once your recipient mare is confirmed 60 days pregnant you will be responsible for picking her up from our farm and paying the embryo balance plus the cost of the mare.
  3. Return the mare: CREDIT ~$2000
    Return the mare after the foal is weaned and we will give you whatever you paid for the mare back.

Available Vitrified Embryos:  None at this time. 

For more details and our Embryo contract send us an email.

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