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Have you considered using frozen semen?

Northeast Shires (NES) is dedicated to helping the mare owner settle their mare quickly and cheaply.

All stallions standing at NES offer frozen semen in addition to chilled semen.

We offer the same live foal guarantee when the mare owner chooses to use frozen semen as we do with chilled semen.

Advantages of frozen semen:

Cheaper to ship
We can ship our frozen semen via ground service.
The dry nitrogen shipper weighs ~40lbs when full (our zip code is 03234 if you would like to calculate how much shipping will be).

No Collection Fee
NES does not charge a collection fee for frozen semen.
The only additional fee over the stud fee is the shipping of the dry shipper.
The mare owner is responsible for shipping in both directions.

Get your semen before your mare needs it
Frozen semen lasts forever.  Why worry about getting a weekend or holiday delivery because that is when your mare is ready to be bred? Avoid the delivery problems associated with getting chilled semen overnight.  Order your frozen semen well in advance and stop worrying!

You get two breeding doses
NES ships two breeding doses when you order frozen semen from any stallion we stand on our farm.  We encourage your vet to only use one per cycle but two may be used if needed.  If your mare settles on one dose you may choose to discard the second dose or save it for future use.  NES does require that the agreed stud fee be paid for every foal resulting from semen we ship (frozen or chilled).  We encourage the mare owner to utilize the second dose as that will save on future shipping.

For more information regarding frozen semen or for breeding contracts please send email to

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